About Us

Our mission is to empower investors to make more knowledgeable investment decisions.
Our dream is to democratize the tools of the investment trade: to bring useful investing insights and transparency to everyone by translating Wall Street jargon for all investors.
Our app addresses all investors—from Redditors to Bloomberg terminal users—and finally unlocks the mysteries of risk, performance, sustainability, corporate governance, and so much more.
Our community of users continues to grow. We’re currently in Beta.
Our service is enhanced by our unique, AI-enabled financial technology service, offering real-time content curated just for you. We work tirelessly leveraging our expertise to offer consequential insights and data. Putting it another way, you just bought your first chess set, let us show you how to move the pieces.
Our team is an innovative group of experts in fintech, sustainability, ESG, investment risk, AI analytics, data visualization, and so much more.